Simple Tips to Make Your Brand’s Facebook Posts More Effective

Facebook is one of the major digital marketing platforms to drive traffic and promote brands. It may seem at first that Facebook is a relatively easy social network to master advertising on, but it can be tougher than it looks. Most brands struggle to gain a genuine footing on Facebook. The secret formula here is to get Facebook users engaged with your posts. It’s not simply enough to have tens of thousands of “likes” on your brand page. If users are not engaged on your page, then the advertising efforts are not working. So, here are several important tips that will make your Facebook posts more effective in achieving this goal:

Avoid Marketing Language

Rule number one in writing a truly effective Facebook post is avoiding marketing language. Don’t write Facebook posts in a disengaged manner as you would a banner ad or a print newspaper ad. Facebook is all about human interaction. If you want your brand to succeed here, then your brand needs to engage with your audience as another friend, not a brand. Write posts in a similar way that your own friends on Facebook write posts. Be informal so that people actually end up commenting. However, don’t be too informal and push the envelope. As a business, there will be liability issues to consider. If your Facebook marketing strategy in struggling in this fundamental regard, you can consult with a reputed SEO company Thailand or in your local area.

Publish According to a Schedule

It’s important to schedule posts on Facebook to drive user engagement. Ideally, your brand’s Facebook page should be updated on a daily basis. If this is not possible, plan in advance to publish new posts several times a week. Weekend posts can be quite effective. Your marketing team can use a tool like Buffer to schedule posts at future dates when people are off.

Make Use of Data

Does your company gather data on user activity on digital platforms? If so, use this data to optimize Facebook posts. For example, if your data shows that customers are most active on Facebook on Wednesdays and Fridays, you should schedule posts for those days. If data shows that customers prefer a certain topic, you can create posts based on that topic. Big data is your friend and learn to use this information in digital marketing.

Research Trends

If your posts are not getting enough likes, the problem could be the topics you are choosing. Customers simply might not be interested in the topics you have chosen. You can increase user engagement by following trends on Facebook. What topics are Facebook users interested in most any given day? Use these trends to come up with posts everyone is interested in.

Use Tags in Posts

Facebook has a highly useful tagging feature that you can use to tag other users, brands, and pages. Use it wisely to attract attention to your posts in a manner that increases traffic and drives user engagement.

Last but not least, make sure the Facebook posts encourage users to engage. Are users commenting on, sharing, and liking the posts? If so, that is a good indication that you are doing things the right way. The marketing team can use trends and data about what users like to design interactive Facebook posts, like polls, quizzes, and questions. Posts such as those tend to drive more user engagement than most.

Post Author: Riki Vana